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Musical Notes Pop Up Musical..
Laser-cut into the shimmering silver card cover is a twirling trail of elegant music notes, hinting at what lies inside. Open the musical card and several black music notes will appear to pop out into the air towards you! Each beautiful note balances delicately on a white coil which springs across the...
Electric Guitar Pop Up Card
The brilliant yellow front cover of the Electric Guitar Pop Up Card features a laser-cut image of a guitar headstock off to the cards right side. Open up the guitar card to discover a stunning red electric guitar popping out of its center. Every detail of this rockin 3D card has been hand-assembled to...
Concert Pop Up Card
On the front of this shimmering red card cover is a musician performing for a roaring crowd, hinting at what you will find inside. When you open this amazing pop up card, you will see a band rocking out onstage in front of a massive crowd of fans! Beams of coloured light shoot across the stage as the...