Mother's Day Around The Corner
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Mother's Day Around The Corner

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! It’s a very important day for Canada, United States and as well as many other countries.  In Canada, the Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May each year. This year it will be on May 14, 2017.


I, myself, did not realize the true meaning of motherhood and how much mothers have provided and cared for their children until I become a mother of two, and I slowly got to know what kind of changes in lifestyle mothers have to make in order to nurture the little ones, below are few of what I have observed and like to share with you all.


1. Fashion: “Good Bye” Kate Spade; “Hello” Walmart!

2. Morning wake up time: not applicable since didn’t sleep much the entire night

3. Bed time: barely ever

4. Best entertainment: seeing children’s happiness instead of watching Sex And The City

5. Patience for children: fluctuate from time to time

6. Baby peepee and poopoo: “yuk!” to “no biggie”

7. Best achievement: 4 sleepless days and nights in a row and survived, yah!!!

8. Pants: dressy pants to sweat pants

9. Cooking: from cook twice a day to once every two days

10. Tidiness: clean freak to pretend “I don’t see the mess”.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!


Below are a few popular ways we can express our gratitude towards mothers and mother figures on this date:


Mother’s Day greeting card, varies types of flowers (carnations, lilies, roses and tulips, etc), beautiful jewelleries, gift card to mother’s favorite store, invitation to lunch/dinner, apparels, and many more.

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